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Barton & Megan

Barton & Megan

Welcome to Love Rolls On, our new blog! We want to share our experiences about love, marriage and life with you, since many people have questions about our relationship. See, Barton has cerebral palsy and Megan doesn’t have a disability. So why on earth would Megan be interested in a guy like Barton? Stick around and we’ll show you!


We’ve been married for almost five years, and we’ve gone through a lot, and while many couples go through transitions in their relationship, we’ve also experienced some unique predicaments, challenges and successes specifically related to relationships and disabilities.


We want to hear from you! What questions do you have about an inter-ability relationship? Maybe it’s something you’re afraid to ask, no worries, nothing’s off limits here (although we’ll do our best to be tactful and be respectful in our answers).



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