Honoring the Wholeness of the Other

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Barton and Megan at a local writer's conference.

April and May sure have been turbulent months with the ups and downs of local, national and international events. Our close friends, family and communities have experienced some dramatic events- multiple friends in ICU, car wreck, Japan earthquake and multiple tornadoes.

In the days after the Tuscaloosa tornado, Barton could not pull me away from the phone or Internet as I would be somewhere and think of an entire community in Tuscaloosa to follow up on, make sure everyone was okay. Even now, there are a few families I still have not been able to get in touch with.

In the midst of all of this, Barton and I both had a variety of project deadlines, workshops and community events to keep us running nearly every day. We’ve worked together as a team to keep going and not completely fall apart.

What impressed me the most about the past few months was how adamant Barton was that I take care of myself and how each one of us came to honor the other in our work, family and who we are as we strive for new projects and visions.

It’s easy to get caught up in who we want the other to be in our relationship, and when that person doesn’t meet our expectations, the connection breaks with harsh consequences. (My father, a psychologist specializing in couple’s therapy would have much to say on this topic, for sure).

Even with the chaos tumbling on around us, Barton and I both continued to redefine who we are, what new visions we see, and the very beginning actions to follow those paths. Several times, we’ve sat down for brainstorming sessions for new paths in our work, which has been energizing and exciting.

It was powerful to hear Barton’s support when I mentioned to him that over the summer, I needed a few weeks to work on more creative projects that had gotten lost in the shuffle the past few months.

And while Barton has been working on several creative projects as well, I have stepped back, letting go of the attachment to financial result. Realizing that by working on these projects, he is gaining creative momentum, energy and just plain fun, which will sustain him during the more work-related items.

By recognizing what each of us needs in discovering new visions and goals, and honoring those spaces, we are able to come together more easily, overcoming the challenges and hurdles the day throws at us.


To Every Season

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Hello all! It’s been quite some time since Megan and I have added to our blog, and to those who have been waiting I apologize. 2011 has blossomed for us like a fiery bromeliad, radiant in color and pulsing with life-giving potential. Within this current of excitement and possibility, I have become increasingly alert and respondent to the ever-evolving cycles that are present in our lives, both individual and collective, as well as their need to be fully expressed. 

Whether or not we’re aware of it, we are constantly engaging in multiple cycles at once, from the most basic of life cycles to those of our environment to how we choose to express ourselves. Many of these life patterns occur beneath our conscious awareness yet, our gift as human beings is our ability to recognize and discover deeper meaning to these processes as they unfold within and around us. At the same time, it can become extremely easy in our modern culture to either ignore or even interrupt these natural cycles.

For me, giving my own cycles, be they physical, emotional, or spiritual, greater attention has allowed me to process life’s natural ebb and flow more fully leading me to a richer experience of whatever may be happening at a given time. It has also made me more cognizant of the subtleties that can be found within each. Along with this attention to subtlety has come a more refined ability to see how and where I have not permitted these cycles to play out fully and lead to stilted or incomplete expressions of intent which, in turn, leave me agitated and groping for resolution.

Both Megan and I have spent much of this year working with what appears, at one level, to be great speed and decisiveness, yet this outward result has stemmed, to a great extent, from periods of inner stillness, following impulses, and gaining clarity from vital learning. At times we have coincided in our internal patterns, while at other interludes it has been important for one of us to follow our own intuitions within those rhythms and notice its undertones. The result, from my vantage point, has been an exquisite intermingling of our ability to move and respond to our vision for who we are as individuals and as a couple.

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