Welcoming In a New Anniversary

November 16, 2011 at 8:02 pm | Posted in Megan's Blogs, Our Love Story | Leave a comment
Sunset on the water in Wilmington.

Sunset on the water in Wilmington.

Sunday was our seventh anniversary! And- we both crashed! The past few weeks have been exceptionally busy. We’ve had a variety of projects, meetings, workshops, and ended with Barton’s conference in Wilmington. Of course there were jokes about the weather- no hurricanes this year (although apparently there was a tropical storm that never made it to shore).

Production Set-up for One Tree Hill

Production Set-up for One Tree Hill

Since we do not have a van, I went along to make sure Barton was where he needed to be during the day, and snuck away during the day to get some of my own work and writing done. And, discovering that One Tree Hill was filming a block from the hotel, I admit I played hooky for a day to watch production set up.

When Barton’s conference ended on Thursday afternoon, we made a beeline for the beach, any time for a moment of rest & relaxation. As we watched the ocean waves from the hotel room balcony, we couldn’t help to smile and be amazed at the past year, full of adventure, excitement and a rollercoaster ride of events (from returning to a tornado-torn Tuscaloosa, removing a backyard tree only to realize that the floor of our house is sinking in,  and transforming our business).

That evening, we enjoyed dinner at a local restaurant, taking time out to celebrate where we are in our lives, how close we have felt to each other the past year, and dreams and goals we have for this next year. It’s easy when there is a lot going on to run into the next project, skipping over the celebration. And taking the evening to celebrate was just what we needed.

Sunrise at Wrightsville Beach.

Sunrise at Wrightsville Beach.

I couldn’t help waking up just before sunrise to greet the sun from our hotel room- taking a moment to feel the gratitude of where we are in our crazy lives. I wouldn’t have it any other way- and in all of the events this past year, to feel as close to Barton as I do now, is just amazing. What a phenomenal life!

Even while we were relaxing on the patio Friday morning, we were working on an article together, weaving our stories and work. Before we left, it was warm enough to sit in rocking chairs on the veranda, and we watched dolphins play in the water.

By the time we made it to the weekend- home and unpacked, we were exhausted, and while we had all of this exciting and fun stuff planned for Saturday and Sunday, we just crashed.

And you know what, it’s perfectly okay. I wouldn’t have it any other way, because tomorrow we will wake up, grab a cup of coffee, enjoy the day (and work)– together.


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