Caution- Intense Husband

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Caution: Intense husband.

Caution: Intense husband.

Today, Megan and I went out to lunch at one of our favorite places where we often engage in planning, brainstorming, and other work related activities. On the way over, we found ourselves absorbed in a conversation about what I found to be some fascinating intricacies of the dynamics of various relationships.

After a period of reflection, I threw out a question that made her brain hurt.

The response: Having you as a husband is really intense, you know that?

Pause. Thanks, I think.

It is true that on many levels I find a huge amount of joy in probing deeply into my own soul and, when the opportunity arises, helping others do the same. I find that this exercise of self-exploration is a source of immense energy for me.

Yet, Megan’s response offers me a reminder which often escapes my usual perspective of inner probing with a simple recognition that this can be tiring for others, especially when, as if often the case with me, this period of exploration lasts entire days or more with one insight building on the previous until everyone involved is in complete awe of their own understanding.

By no means is this always what happens. Yet, I do find within myself as urge to discover something about myself and others that I had not had the opportunity to observe before. Because of this, I do tend to forget the subtle energies required for such exploration and it is at these moments when I look up at my beautiful wife and the quiet expression of saturation reminds me to take a breath and pause.


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