Diving, Again, Into the Unknown

July 22, 2011 at 7:44 pm | Posted in Barton's Blogs, Work | 1 Comment
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Dancing on the Cusp of Creation!

Dancing on the Cusp of Creation!

One day mid-spring, Megan and I sat with our list of combined projects mulling over how we could better collaborate and use the best of our strengths, both individual and combined to bring the vision of our work together into reality. After a rather in-depth exercise of putting to paper each of our individual missions and extracting from it a joint mission and vision that spoke to the heart of where we wanted to go professionally, we fell into a moment of stunned silence as we read and re-read what our combined efforts had generated.

Looking up from the paper, our eyes connected and in amazement, I asked, “Is a new company? This all can’t fit under Cutter’s Word or Blooming Lotus Coaching.”

Megan heart stopped, almost anyway, and we both watched our own minds explode with possibilities, expectations and even some trepidation. As usual, my mind naturally jumped far ahead into the realm of excitement and possibility, coming up with ideas for design, messaging, direction, and expectations of success. You know, all the fun stuff.

Megan, I think, was perhaps a bit less enthusiastic. She certainly understood the need, yet her list, some might argue, was a bit more practical wondering what the process was for changing our name, what the time and costs would be to transform our website and branding, and where we could begin to even find clients in this new arena.

It’s not uncommon for me to be the cliff-diver in our relationship. Yet, it has been wonderful to watch and participate with Megan as I watch her learn to trust me and herself at a deeper level and step out ready and willing to dive with me as her own clarity becomes even more crystal clear.

So away we went combining both lists and beginning an exciting new journey to create a new and more inclusive vision for the work that we each love to do. It’s been quite a process, one in which we are still in the midst of. Yet, as we move step-by-step through this process, we find ourselves in exciting new territory that asks us to constantly re-mold our visions and assumptions to greet these new possibilities with openness and a drive for exploration.


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  1. Love you guys!

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