Another Leap- Hand in Hand

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Savoring moments of vision.

Savoring moments of vision.

On the way back from Tuscaloosa, Barton and I talked about a number of projects we needed to work on over the summer. He brought up changing the name to our business (again), as our passions and vision have changed since we moved to Raleigh.

My first response was to resist, as hard as I could- but I’m going to lose the clients I have, but I am a writer, but I like Cutter’s Word, but I don’t want to change, but, but, but…

And yet- I knew he was right. But…

We debated for weeks about when to make the change. I just wasn’t ready yet. This process was asking me to claim parts of myself that I didn’t truly believe I was ready to show.

On the second trip to Tuscaloosa, I made the drive without Barton, and on the way home had time to process the transformation of my life over the last ten years. I was excited about where my relationship with Barton was and how much work we had done over the past few years to build a solid foundation for our relationship.

We decided that we would begin to make the change over July and August, because we seemed to have a bit of a break as many people have been gone on vacation over the summer.

Over the past few weeks, Barton & I have carved out days to write new content for the website, and it’s been a blast to get together to work on these new pieces of our vision and to put them out there for all to view.

Today, I worked on a webpage to bring a writing program to families touched by disability. Barton said it was gutsy to write, and at first I had hesitation to take it back. But this is the vision and the work that I bring to the table.

It’s who we are in helping other families. And we can’t take it back!


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