Reminiscing on Wedding Memories

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Wedding memories...
We spent the week in Chicago, IL preparing for my brother-in-law’s wedding, and as we helped tie ribbon for welcome bags and ran errands with Barton’s dad and stepmother, naturally, we began to reminisce about our own wedding, five and a half years ago.

I remember when I pulled out the Alabama football schedule, Barton thought I was nuts since neither one of us like football, but for the rest of the town, football is a religion, so for traffic and attendance, we had to know what was going on around us.

So many family members and friends were a part of our wedding ceremony, both known and unknown. We felt that it was indeed a ceremony that connected our souls together but also connected our friends and family to each other.

We were privileged to have friends who built the ramp from the alter to the aisle where Barton would walk me out of the church as a married church, very close friends who prepared the communion bread and wine and tied programs together. My stepmother and stepaunt organized a breakfast for all of the bridesmaids, and my dad put together a picture montage that included many of our family & friend communities. Barton’s family introduced me to Randolph, NH with a speech, hat and pictures.

Those who stayed hidden behind the scenes included those who swept and cleaned the student center where the reception was to be held, family members who decorated the reception area, those who cleaned afterwards and brought items back to the house. So many details that were taken care of, we did not even know about.

Wedding ceremony.

Standing on the alter.

Before walking me up the aisle, my dad told me to remember this day, enjoy this day. I will cherish those words, and I was able to really be present during the ceremony & party afterwards, taking everything in. And while my mom was not there, I felt her presence and blessing around me.

I’ve talked before about how we made the wedding our own- Barton’s unique way of getting the ring on my finger, how we exchanged bites of cake with a kiss, and the Velcro garter that my best friend made specifically so Barton could rip it off with his teeth.

First Dance.

First Dance.

One image that I will always remember is when Barton and I were dancing. We were standing, and I had glanced over his shoulder to see one of his family members reading one of our poems, lightly touching the picture frame with tears in her eyes.

The power of the ceremony went well beyond ourselves or our marriage; it rippled out to our family and friends.

Of course there were little things- we were unprepared for how long pictures would take afterwards and shooed out of the church to greet guests. And tension that showed itself in unexpected places.

At Andrew & Lauren’s reception, Barton & I danced the night away, and I realized that I love Barton more than ever before, and recently we have been able to enjoy each other more. Challenges of life will always be there- work, finances, fires to put out, but beyond all of the mundane little things, there is a love that transcends.

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