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Barton on his BlueTooth.

Barton on his BlueTooth.

Thursday morning, Barton was all giddy about adventure getting his new I-Phone. Since most I-phones are touch phones and use heat sensitivity and finger motion to work, he assumed he couldn’t use one. However, when I needed a new phone and as a Christmas present, he picked one up for me, he found out he could use it. In fact, he spent all night reprogramming all of the sounds on my phone- if only you could have seen my reaction when Barton called me the next day!

So when the newest version came out, Barton knew he could get a deal on an older, accessible version of the I-Phone that he could use. While we needed to communicate a couple of times that day, I had to be patient as Barton was still learning his new tool. Although his did test my patient as I was accidentally hung-up on, more than once.

That evening, as I was taking a break from the heat to set up a local community Summer Music Series, Barton leaned over to me and whispered, “This is just sad.”

I looked up and realized that everyone in the place was on a technological devise. Barton was playing on his new phone & I was checking to see if I had any new email or voicemails.

Over in the corner, a family was absorbed as well- the husband on a laptop, wife on a cell phone and child on a Gameboy. There are times when communication is so important, and I could tell you I wouldn’t know what to do without laptop or mobile phone.

Barton and I communicate during the day, probably more times than most other couples. I am figuring out logistics- when & how to get him & me where we need to be. And he is working on projects and may have questions for me as well. And I admit, there are times when I just call to say, “I love you.”

On the other hand, we have to be so careful not to get so absorbed in our technology that we forget how to talk to each other in person. Over the July 4th weekend, we put down the work and technology for a while, and it was great just to spend some time enjoying each other sitting on the back porch.

When we do get back to the computer or working on projects, we feel more focused and inspired to get clicking away.

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  1. First of all I love apple products! I was born with CP and blind (with some other issues sprinkled in for good measure lol) then had a spinal cord injury in 2004. I love how apple seems to make products accessible from the beginning and not as some after thought.

    It is sad how people can get so surrounded and involved in technology they don’t seem to even notice or care that there are other people around them anymore. I was so glad that my boyfriend’s Blackberry quit working when it did! There were times when he was so caught up in checking his e-mail that I would have to stop and wait for him to catch up, or when he would just walk aimlessly into things, or off the path etc. (and I’m suppose to be the blind one… HA!)

    I’m so guilty of this myself. If we are relaxing watching a movie together I’m also on my laptop. I get really bored when I’m only doing one thing at once. It’s nice sometimes when the power goes because it forces people to spend time together without technology getting in the way.

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