Scouting It Out

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Scout Playing with a Maple Leaf

Scout Playing with a Maple Leaf


Last Tuesday, we were out for a morning walk with Bear & Basho, our two Labs. We were mostly through our walk when a tiny brown puppy came running up to Bear and Basho. There was no collar, and it was clear he had just been neutered. As he played with our boys, we noticed that both Bear & Basho were unusually calm around him. As Megan took a few minutes to inspect him, Barton looked around trying to find an obvious hole in the fences of some nearby houses from which he could have escaped.

We decided we couldn’t leave it him since he was such a young puppy, and Megan carried him back home. She took pictures to make fliers and took him to our vet to see if he had been micro-chipped.

That afternoon, we went back on Craig’s list and found his listing. Megan called right away- it turns out that Scout is a Sheppard/Terrier mix who was staying with a foster family, and was looking for a permanent home. Megan called Barton to let him know that the woman was coming to get him that afternoon, and that she had had a long talk with her about Scout. When Scout first appeared, it was clear to both of us that he was drawn to our pack. That afternoon when the woman came to get him, he simply sat down beside Barton’s wheelchair and refused to move. A new dog- are we crazy??

Scout & Basho Crashed Out

Scout & Basho Crashed Out


When Megan got home that day, we talked about what another dog would be like and decided to at last try it out. On Saturday, Scout came to stay with us a few days, and though the final paperwork isn’t done, he has found himself a home. Bear was a bit upset the first day, but has since relaxed. They have played together quite well until they all crash out for a nap. We were amazed at how well they got along, after establishing the pack of course. We couldn’t believe his personality because he has been so relaxed around our two rambunctious labs and in turn Bear & Basho have been laid back as well.

We hope to get everything squared away and are excited to have a new pup in the pack.

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