Refocusing Our Vision

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Working together to create life transformations.


The last few weeks have seemed like a whirlwind. In the same week, Barton and I found out that we both had contracts that would be transitioning or phasing out, we left for Chicago, full day drives each way, and when I returned, I went straight into organizing a community Spring Festival for a local town center. The next day, I worked on four articles, due just a few days later. My challenge was certainly going from one big project to another without getting burnt out, but also the balance between the present and future. With so many immediate projects to work on, it has been nearly impossible to brainstorm or work on the opportunities or possibilities for future projects.

In the wake of looking at how our budgets will be affected, we also had to make some transitions with our own support systems. We cut back on Barton’s morning help and delayed working with our own coach for a few months. Making these cuts is always tough, because we know that the dynamics between us will also be affected, and I will be doing more, something we have always tried to reduce.

Barton went on go-mode, working on sending out proposals, while I struggled to wade through the projects already in the works. For several weeks, we had set hour-meetings with each other for brainstorming sessions and to look at ways we could combine coaching and writing. However, once I got into working on projects that were currently due and Barton took off into go-mode, we left our meeting times behind. It wasn’t until Barton came home one night sucked into work mode that I realized how we had left some parts of our mission together behind.

This weekend was our first weekend at home without a huge project due, and it was wonderful. Who knew that washing the car together would be so relaxing and fun, although I had the upper hand since I relentlessly sprayed Barton with the water hose. While we did work on home projects, we also took needed rest time and an evening out for fun. Barton knew that Sunday would be a bit sad for me, as I mentioned I had wanted to spend the afternoon painting in honor of my mom, and it was a joy when he asked if he could join me. We have a renewed sense of mission as a family, and began to set full days aside to work on brainstorming each of our goals as well as work we can do as a couple.

Both of us find a sense of excitement for the possibilities we aren’t even aware of yet, and trust that even in the wave of transitions, we will be lead to places of creative transformations and service.

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