Transposing the Story

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As Barton and I have been transitioning into new work and looking for new projects, we’ve put our feelers out there, see what sticks, and what avenues are open. Not that long ago, Barton made contact with a company who uses subcontractor writers, which sparked our interest as they worked for non-profit organizations and were looking to expand their client base to include disability and diversity markets. What a perfect fit.

How odd I found it the day when I received a phone call, a woman who wanted to write a story about us, from this organization. At first, I was very confused because Barton was expecting a call from another woman to set up a test project. Was this the same person? Clearly it was not. Instead, I found myself talking to this the woman on the other end of the phone about a story she wanted to write about us. But it was the wrong story.

Several years ago, Barton worked for a disability provider but clearly the story that she wanted to hear was that Barton used the provider’s services and started our business as a result of the provider’s involvement. As many times as I told her Barton worked for the organization, not the other way around, she could not comprehend it. She praised our work and our story of success, and wanted to feature our story if we could promote the provider as well.

I am sure my hesitant attitude impeded the conversation as my agitation was as clear as her inability to comprehend that much our success had to do with hard earned sweat and tears, breaking down many barriers, many supporters, by-passing the system and frankly working our butts off.

As we’ve seen success in our lives, especially as an inter-ability couple, the potential for others to use our story for their own benefit is out there. There’s a difference between celebrating success of yourself or others (exposure) and using someone’s success by jading the story for your own interest (exploitation). This isn’t the first time this has happened. It’s a fine line, and in this case, I was incredibly disappointed, upset, and to a degree heartbroken because I really want to work with them.

Barton hasn’t heard back from this organization, and we do hope that there is a chance to work with them to provide an opportunity to transform this perception.

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