It’s No Laughing Matter, Or Is It…?

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(Oh, no, don’t laugh… it’s no laughing matter ;o)

We’ve been slow to post video blogs, but, we’ve had a blast along the way. Here are a few outtakes from our adventures in Hatteras Island for our 5th year anniversary. Because of the incredible location, we had planned to video blogs for Love Rolls On, Cutter’s Word and Blooming Lotus Coaching. Since we were in the middle of the Nor’eastern with flooding, life just didn’t work out that way. Instead, we have an incredible story to tell for years to come.

Often, we are asked what makes our relationship successful. One of our secrets- smiles, giggles and crazy laughter. Sure, we’re a married couple, in addition to the joyful times, there are difficult obstacles, lack of communication, times when we don’t agree, and there are times where we are both quick to impatience and frustration. 

Yet, we often have a blast with working, living, being with each other, pushing each other to new levels. Laughter is what brings us back together and back to the present moment. 

Before Barton and I got married, I had mentioned that I had laughed more in that first year of knowing him than I had my entire life. And it’s true. Barton has this way to make everyone around him smile. And together, we always get ourselves in these situations where we wonder how did we get here/what just happened/are you serious?

This year has been all about transition, transition in our work, hopeful towards our dreams of beginning an adoption journey, taking steps outside of our comfort zone, and sharing our vision with others in new ways that neither one of us could have imagined.

While we don’t know what precarious situations we’ll get ourselves into next, one thing’s for sure, it’s an adventure, and we’re having a blast.

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