A Deeper Level of Collaboration

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When Barton & I both found out that several of our contracts are going to change (downgrade) this summer, let’s face it, we were both a bit terrified. We had just felt like we were making a dent in our debt, we added new morning assistance which is just as much as our mortgage, and we were making strides with where we were headed with long-term dreams and goals. But the only constant is life is change, and so as our contracts change, so must we.

Immediately, we began carving out two-hour blocks of time to meet with each other once a week, sometimes twice a week. This time was to brainstorm. Write email together. Make lists. Submit proposals. Talk about projects. Look at our vision.

We could sit and squander staying in one place, waiting for the changes to happen to us, or we could jump off the cliff and soar to new unknown sights. What was our vision of where we want to go? What were the first steps we needed to take to get there?

This week, as we drove an hour to horse therapy training, I was beginning to drown in money talk. How are we going to pay for this? What are we going to do about that? All we need is …. Somehow, I ended up on a new possibility that we don’

t know where will lead, and the potential is exciting. As I focused on this unknown opportunity, the shift from the negative to the positive was visible, to both of us.

This week, we had fun writing a new proposal, bouncing it back and forth over email, making edits here or there and discussing the angle that we wanted to present. We began building upon each other, and the momentum stayed strong until we were completed.

Transitions take us out of what is familiar and can send us into uncomfortable places. We’re finding deeper level of collaboration by carving out time to brainstorm and take steps together on finding new projects. What an exciting time looking towards the horizon. What will happen? I don’t know- it’s a mystery.

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