Wedding Cake Kisses

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So last night at the Pizza Party, we were telling stories about our wedding. The conversation started when someone mentioned that how you cut & feed the cake to each other has an impact on longevity of your marriage. I wonder what this says about us…

What was so special about our wedding was that we were truly able to adapt the ceremony to make it our own. When Barton put the ring on my finger, he used a small stick he put in his mouth with the ring attached on a string. We wrote and read our own vows. Our friends made a special ramp from the church alter to the aisle so that Barton could stand for the whole ceremony, and he walked us out of the church using a special walker. This was the first time his family had seen him stand and walk, so it was an incredibly powerful ceremony.

Preparing for the kiss.


Now, for the cake. Which we must back up a little. Since Barton doesn’t have finger dexterity, it’s really hard for him to give me a piece of chocolate, for example. Instead, when we are being passionate, we’ll give each other chocolate through a kiss. It’s much more fun this way!

Wedding Cake Kisses


So when I took a piece of wedding cake and put it in my mouth, my matron of honor mentioned, “You have to feed him.”

My response was, “I am.”

How delicious to feed each other the wedding cake through a kiss.

Yesterday I received a special invitation for a Valentine’s date. I wonder if we’re having chocolate for dessert?

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