Throwing Barton from His Wheelchair

February 7, 2010 at 9:44 pm | Posted in Megan's Blogs, Ramblings, wheelchairs, Wild Stories You Just Wouldn't Believe | Leave a comment
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Listening to Barton tell about our adventure with curb-cut snow drifts this morning reminded me of when I threw Barton out of his wheelchair. Yes, if we had had a video camera, we would have won a thousand dollars on Americas Funnies Home Video’s. Our friend had asked us to teach his martial arts class that Saturday morning, so we drove in rain just beyond the border in Mississippi. I had parked the car, but we realized that we needed to get to the other side of this field.

We made our way through the marshy field. In front of us, I could see this massive mud puddle, and I had the bright idea that if I gained speed, we could make it through the thick mud. I wasn’t a physics major, obviously.

So I gained speed, and we reached the mud. And the wheelchair stopped. And Barton didn’t. Holding onto the bag with all of our gear, and with a broke seatbelt, Barton flew face first into the mud. Within seconds someone else was there, and we were hauling Barton back up into his chair. I wiped the mud off of his face, trying not to laugh, but not being very successful.

I would love to say this was the only incident, but alas, there are others. I’m only lucky that with every story to be told, Barton ends up with a smile on his face.

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