Motorized Door Locks on a Snowy Morning

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Last week, Raleigh received over six inches of snow. Now, in Raleigh, we certainly aren’t prepared for a big snowstorm such as this. We admit that on Friday evening we went to the grocery store to stock up on food, water, and firewood.

The snow began falling Friday evening. Saturday morning, we woke up to drifts of snow covering the back porch and yard. Six am, and Basho was crying to get out. As usual, I cracked the back door. We have a motorized lock, and so the door is locked from the outside- all the time. (You see where this is going, don’t you?)

Basho with Snow Camouflage in last year's snow storm.

Both dogs scurried outside into the snow. Basho bounded in the snow, both paws sprawled out. Bear and Basho chased each other around the backyard, and they can get pretty rowdy. I knew what was coming when Bear knocked Basho into the backdoor, and by the time I reached it, the door was all ready slammed shut.

Barton was still in bed asleep, and I had n o choice but to walk down the hill to our neighbors house. Trying to control two black labs, excited by the new white cold stuff, was quite a challenge. I yanked on their collars, and we practically slid down the hill, since there was a thick layer of ice beneath the snow.

Our neighbor was nice enough to come to the door, and give us an extra copy of our key. We scrambled back up the hill, opening the door to the warmth inside. I haven’t locked myself out of our house in a long time, and it had to be snowing & ice when I did.

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