Clearing Out Space

January 12, 2010 at 12:12 pm | Posted in Megan's Blogs, Ramblings | Leave a comment
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This holiday season, we traveled more than we thought we would, and we were busy seeing family, we got our Christmas tree just in the nick of time, and to be honest, we didn’t even make it to 9pm before we were fast asleep on New Year’s Eve. With all of the unexpected events this fall and winter, we needed some time to recover. In addition, we began clearing out space.

While Barton’s father and stepmother were here, we went through our closets to take advantage of the last donations of the year. Just after the left, I spent much time clearing out the backroom, that had gotten stagnant, not only with my own piles, but of papers and pictures from my grandparents. While I’m not finished, and I’m still working on how to archive material, organize my photography, and clear this space. We also looked at the blocks we still had, and began clearing, not just physical space but mind space as well. We began meditating together, holding hands.

Clearing space allows a better flow, to allow other things to come in. As we reflected on 2009 and began gearing up for the New Year, we began to look at what we wanted to accomplish, our goals and dreams for the next year. We looked at ways we could take steps to accomplish them.

Yesterday afternoon, for an hour, Barton and I wrote on our manuscript. Mind you, it had taken us four months to sit down together, get over the block that had arisen. At first, we sat on the couch, computer in hand, with two dogs beside us. Once they began getting rowdy, we had to kick them out and put the baby gate up. While we only wrote four paragraphs, it was an enriching experience, light, fun. And we are four paragraphs ahead of where we were four months ago or the day before.

Clearing out the space implies movement, movement to where, maybe the known, maybe the unknown. Taking this first step is the most important and the most courageous. It means letting go of what we know and allowing the flow to pull us along.

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