New Year’s Excitement

January 7, 2010 at 7:30 pm | Posted in Work | Leave a comment
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 The New Year is always a time to start over, take a good look at your life, find areas that need attention, and do what’s needed to move toward balance. For some, it’s a great time to clean out and let unnecessary distractions drop away. For others, it may be the perfect time to take action around what they feel is lacking and change it. For me, it seems to be a bit of both in terms of figuring out how I can best serve others, both in my family and community, in a way that brings out my best.

With this, I’m very excited to announce the opening of Blooming Lotus Coaching, a life coaching practice dedicated to working with families touched by disability to enhance the independence of each member while encouraging alignment within the family as a whole. The mission for the practice is to enable people, with and without disabilities, to connect with, listen to, and act upon their innate wisdom and experiences in order to bring about a life of greater fulfillment for themselves. 

Here families will have the opportunity to learn positive self-expression tools, plan for the future, develop self advocacy skills, find way to approach a fulfilling life, and build community connections and other supports. Parents can focus on prioritizing the best support for your child, lean how and when to seek Early Intervention and find additional assessments, and interventions if they have young children while parents of older children may  choose to explore identifying underlying issues to find creative solutions, balancing personal and family needs, Differentiate between parenting and caregiving roles, determining when good intentions for support inhibit growth and independence, Finding confidence in your child’s abilities, and discerning how and when to let your child soar.

I invite you and those you know to visit for more information.

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