Driving on Thin Ice

January 4, 2010 at 11:02 am | Posted in Megan's Blogs, Ramblings, Wild Stories You Just Wouldn't Believe | 2 Comments
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A few days before we drove down to Alabama for my grandmother’s memorial service, we watched the weather intently as the threat of possible wintery weather was all over the airwaves. We knew that we would need to get out, before the bad weather hit. We rearranged our schedule for Friday, though it was still noon before we pulled out onto the highway.

Once we hit Charlotte, the snow began falling in big fluffy flakes. However, once we passed the city, the roads began to feel slippery and icy. Though the reports claimed the roads were treated, we slowed to a 10 mph pace and still, I felt the car slipping on the roads.

What made matters worse was I had to stop to go to the bathroom. Now Barton & I have jokes about our bladders- he is the camelback and I, I am a pea. So we’re driving through a coating of ice on the roads, huge flakes of snow, and we have to stop. Once I get out of the car, I realize how slippery the street is. Cautiously, we make it through this patch of snow and ice in North and South Carolina and finally make it down to Atlanta, after eight hours on the road, for the night.

Once we arrived, I had to print out a few items that I had literally dropped once the weather was going to be so bad. The rest of the travel legs went off without as much excitement.

This New Years Eve, we crashed at home. I was determined not to get in a car and drive. Although I did venture out to the grocery store, fighting last minute New Year’s Eve traffic, I have to say I was much relieved we were not trying to drive anywhere as our travel adventures seem to find us.

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  1. I’m glad you are all back safe and sound. I think I glimpsed your van leaving Loco Lu’s on Monday as I was heading in to Tai Chi. Raleigh can be a small town sometimes.

  2. We’re working towards a van, but alas, not yet. It’s on our list though, a must when we have a family. We’re still in the ol’ Honda. Our Family For Us Fundraising will hopefully help us find the supports we need, including an accessible van, to be able to take care of a family.

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