When is it Time to Ask for Backup

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Barton and Megan on their 2nd Anniversary.


I don’t know about you, but as small business owners, we are both determined, adventurous and persistent. We tend to take it all on, and do it ourselves. But at what point does doing it ourselves limit us from reaching our goals? It’s taken us a while, and we’re still learning how to ask for help.

It’s no secret that we want to have a child, and in order to provide the best care that we can, we will need some additional support. It took time for us to process and decide which avenues we should pursue in having a child. In addition, we wanted to make sure that as an inter-ability couple, we would have the tools necessary for us to be able to raise a child to the best of our ability. We spent almost a year trying to figure out how to find the support in a way that reflected both of our values.

We thought about taking all of it on ourselves, but realized this would not give us results. When a few fundraising opportunities didn’t work out, we started to look at our values, and how we could best include them in meeting our goals. Community is the focus of our vision. It is very important to us to support our community, and more than once we have needed our neighbors’help.

The type of resources we are raising funds for include an accessible vehicle, additional assistance for both Megan and Barton, assistive technology devices for Barton such as a baby carrier that attaches to a wheelchair.

It’s really important for us to provide an exchange, so over the next year, we’ll be doing a couple of community fundraisers. The first one is for the holidays. We are selling Christmas cards (Megan’s photography and Barton’s haiku) and selling key lime pies (for the Triangle Area). Check out how you can become involved at http://cuttersword.com/holiday-cards-and-more.html.

Check back for more community events throughout the year!

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