Walking Down the Aisle

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93_2When people ask us about our wedding, Barton & I look at each other, and our faces light up. I remember before we walked into the church, my father’s advice to be present and remember each moment of the ceremony, and I do remember Barton’s incredible smile beaming down the aisle as we approached.

 I knew that Barton was planning to walk us out of the church after the ceremony, and that this was the first time his family had seen Barton stand and walk publicly. At the dress rehearsal, it was the first time we had tried walking down the ramp together, and we had slipped on the surface.

Barton stood for over an hour during the ceremony, and the ceremony was truly unique. We even had a special way that Barton could slip the ring on my ringer; rings that a friend & jeweler custom made for us. I remember when we saw our rings before they were crafted and polished, the process of alchemy was truly at work. We had written our own vows, and we had homemade bread and wine for the Eucharist, made by dear friends of ours.

As we set up to walk out of the church, I remember holding onto his arm to go down the ramp. At the bottom of the ramp, we looked at each other with the delight of  “We actually made it!”

To have Barton walk me out of the church was one of the most blessed moments of our ceremony.


Walking Down the Aisle

Walking Down the Aisle



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