The Glow About Her

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Barton and Megan's wedding ceremony.

Barton and Megan's wedding ceremony.

In November, Megan & I will celebrate our 5th year anniversary. It’s funny that it really doesn’t feel as though it’s been that long. At the risk of sounding extremely cheesy and like every other hopeless romantic on this planet, it was such an incredibly wonderful day. I still have to wonder how I ended up with such an amazing woman. I know I sound like every other guy that loves his wife, but Megan was so incredibly beautiful.

I remember about ten minutes before I walked into the church. My brother Andrew and I along with several other groomsmen were standing outside the church waiting for the okay to go in after Megan finished her pictures. The sky was overcast, and I was beginning to wonder if we were going to get rained on, when Megan’s maid of honor came out to give us the go-ahead, we headed for the front door and just as we opened the door to go in, the clouds broke and a shaft of light broke through and embraced the whole grooms party.

At the opening procession, after I was situated on the alter, I remember feeling my entire body pulsing with anticipation. As Megan rounded the corner to come down the church aisle, the same shaft of light came through the stained glass dove, touching her on the crown on her head, I have never seen my love so radiant and beautiful as that moment.

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