The Delicate Balance of Balance

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Barton and Megan in the gardens at Cambridge, UK.

Barton and Megan in the gardens at Cambridge, UK.

This week has been all about bringing balance back into our lives. Last year, when Barton’s help quit, it was difficult. The economy was sinking, and like everyone else, we were watching our pennies. Not only that, but it was hard to find someone to come to our house at 6:00am, since Barton needs to get up fairly early for work.

So we decided I would help Barton get up in the mornings for a while, just until we felt like we could afford it. We’ve done this before since there is always a gap in between assistants. Our workload also shifted, and before long, I found myself stepping in and doing more than I usual, and feeling the pressure. It’s very important to both of us to keep our relationship as a husband/wife, not caretaker role. 

Two shifts occurred this week. One- I am writing this blog while our new help is getting Barton ready for the day. The other, we worked with Nancy Davison of Elite Integrated Medicine, who showed us how small shifts in how we work together during transfers (wheelchair to bed, wheelchair to car, etc.) can make a huge impact in other areas of our relationship. We began working together in a different way, a more balanced way that enhances our relationship.

Making these shifts creates a huge impact, and takes continual maintenance. Barton sees me doing what I love & taking care of myself, and I see Barton taking on more responsibility. While we still experience stresses & joys of the day, we are both connected and working together more effectively, using each others strengths, and having a lot more fun.

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