Zapped Into the De-Computerized Zone

July 30, 2009 at 10:40 am | Posted in The Nitty-Gritty, Work | Leave a comment
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I knew it was bad when we were at the coffee shop, and Barton showed me the black screen. Last year I experienced the black screen after pressing the power button until my finger cramped, the action yielded the same result- The Black Screen. Since I had been in the middle of an article for our local newspaper, I actually switched to a Mac, put off by the slow response by the Geek Squad, and the fact that my computer came back more damaged that when it had gone in to be serviced.

Now normally Barton and I work quite well together, and frequently we will vacillate between our projects. Our desks sit side by side, and so we naturally become each other’s dictionaries and thesauruses, discussing different angles and words to use for a newsletter or marketing campaign.

While we were waiting on Barton’s computer to return, the blend between work and home meshed into discussions of priority and shifting time slots on my computer. Not only that, but Barton is unfamiliar to a Mac, and just even finding a file became a laborious project. Since we are both writers with on-going projects, this turned into a computer tug-of-war. It was not pretty, let me tell you.

Knowing that Barton had several important reports with final deadlines, I delayed some of my projects and assisted typing for him. I fully admit that my frustration boiled over when we had scheduled time to work on one of my projects and Barton was late getting home. We’ve had quite a balancing act.

We are slowly getting back into synch, recovering from our trip to the de-computerized zone.

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