And the Doors Come Tumbling Down

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Two weeks ago, we took two more doors down- the doors to the bedroom and the office. And our story, well, we survived, but our poor house is just come tumbling down.

It started when Barton got his new wheelchair, which is a little longer and has a wider turning radius than his previous wheelchair. I gave him some slack before chiding him about the new dents in the hallway and taking out the bottom screws to the door by pushing it out multiple times. It’s a good thing we have a power screwdriver- we’ve put it to good use.

But it’s not Barton’s fault we took the doors down. It seems that I got his wheelchair stuck in the hallway while we were getting ready for bed. And I pushed it into Combat Mode- sensitive little joystick bugger that it is. I was sitting in the wheelchair to work on maneuvering the front wheels when I took off, blasting through the doorway to the bedroom, taking the door full off its hinges.

Evidence of the incident.

Evidence of the incident.

I was laughing so hard that I sort of forgot to take my hand off the joystick and ran straight into the bedroom wall- full on. The imprint of the bottom wheel is still a precise half-moon hole in the drywall.

That was the last straw, the doors came tumbling down. We took the one in the office off, too, since Barton had knocked the bottom off its hinges as well. Both are now sitting outside on the back porch. Before long, there won’t be any left in our house.

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