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Barton and Megan in Arizona.

Barton and Megan in Arizona.

We’ve gotten a few questions about how Barton and I met & the beginning of our relationship. Indeed, for many people it seemed like overnight when I said- I’m getting married! Barton and I have different perspectives, so we’ll go back and forth to fill you in.

First off, you must know that I wasn’t looking for love, not even on my radar at that point. In 2001, I had been with a guy who ended up breaking off an engagement- there was already a date, a dress etc. After some time to trying to work things out, I had had enough. Sadly, my mother died unexpectedly a month later from a reaction to medication for Multiple Sclerosis. I spent a long time working through those two devastating losses. Mind you, I had packed up the wedding dress and tucked it away in the garage thinking I would never get married, and slowly I was learning to come back out of my shell, training in martial arts, writing again, figuring out what the next steps in my life should be.

When I traveled to Tucson on February 13, 2003 for an informal martial arts seminar, I wasn’t expecting to find love. Barton came to our friend’s house for a visit, staying only for a short time. I remember being introduced to him and thinking, how does he train in a wheelchair (anyone who has trained with Barton will tell you not to be so fooled); look at those bright blue eyes. And I just couldn’t stop looking at those blue eyes.

As quickly as we were introduced, he left. I flew back to my life in Alabama, with plans to come back to Tucson for another seminar in May.

Oh, don’t worry, there’s much more to this love story…

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  1. I’ve been wondering this same thing, I think many do! (how you two met/got started) But I think the way you’re both doing it, two different perspectives of that same moment in time is neat… so we’ll all be waiting for more installments! I always enjoy reading about how two people connect with love… 🙂

  2. Hey Barton and Megan,

    I just had to tell you guys that my husband and I love your website! We are also an “inter-ability” couple, only I’m the one who has Cerebral Palsy and he is able-bodied. My husband and I wish you nothing but health and happiness on your beautiful journey together.

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