The Family Pack Mule

March 15, 2009 at 7:11 pm | Posted in Around the House, wheelchairs | 1 Comment
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So, I have to admit that for the most part, Megan is correct, I do tend to track a lot of mud throughout the house. Don’t tell Megan this, but part of me really enjoys it because I know it gets her goat. I do, however, pull my own weight in terms of chores. One of the benefits to using a powerchair is that I can and often do haul as much or more than my body weight. 

Eight grocery bags at once… no problem. Entire wheel barrows of yard waste… no sweat. Rolls of living room carpeting… come on. Give me a challenge! While Megan does take on much of the smaller tasks around the house, we tackle bigger projects together, and I’m sure her back is very grateful. 

As for the mud, what can I say? My chair is like a barnyard animal- it’s meant to work hard and every so often, it can’t resist a good puddle of mud.

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  1. Well.. I didn’t know whether to post on your or Megan’s post – didn’t matter really, they’re both related! Had to laugh, I can identify with this one, my scooter is my ‘workhorse’ too, at least when I’m out. It doesn’t come in the house so the walls ARE saved (relate to you here Megan!) because when I’m out, oh yea, I can hit the walls.

    The kids have been known to load me up when they’re shopping with me, I’ve been known to be piled so high with girls clothes that the hangers catch on the throttle and that sends me somewhere I don’t want to go in a hurry… Bil calls me “Crash”! (unfortunately it sometimes fits..) It’s entertaining at times!

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