Dirt Tracks Across the Floor

March 15, 2009 at 6:49 pm | Posted in Around the House, wheelchairs | 1 Comment
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When I look at household chores, yes, for the most part I take them on, but don’t be fooled, Barton takes on quite a bit, too. We live within walking distance to a shopping mall, which has everything we need- bank, grocery store, post office. So there are many times when I will send Barton to run errands. And Barton always meets me in the driveway to bring groceries into the house.

While I may be the hands of doing physical house or yard work, Barton is usually right there advising me on the best way to get it done, especially when it comes to yard work.

So there is one thing that does irk me about housework: they’re called wheelchair tires. While manual wheelchairs have smooth tires, which are somewhat thin, motor wheelchairs have real tires, treads and all. And if you know Barton, he can’t stand to stay on pavement. It’s really gross when he gets stuck in the mud after it’s rained- grass, wet mud and dirt is caked all over the tires & wheelchair. And then he comes in the house- usually just after I’ve swept or vacuumed. Never fails. I can always tell when Barton’s been off-roading. There are tire tracks with bits of mud or dirt trailing through the house. We also have two Labrador Retrievers so multiply the wheelchair tracks by two sets of doggie paws, and you’re in for a whole mess.

It’s taken a while, but I don’t have a fit anymore- dare say that I may even wait to clean it up the dirt tracks down the hallway. I’ve learned to let go (okay, okay, still learning) of needing everything to be obsessively clean. Eventually, the dirt trails get swept or washed away until the next rainfall.

So we don’t have the most pristine house. So what. Our house has character.

Did I mention the dents in the walls? Oh, maybe next time.

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  1. Funny, I was going to post on Barton’s until I read the comment and then thought it was only fair to have a comment on both (you’ll have to read the comment on Barton’s to understand). Anyway, Megan and Barton, I LOVE your blog! So, real, honest and it’s such a a great read! You are both wonderful writers and your love for each other is not only evident, it’s inspirational…with or without the wheelchair. I count myself lucky to be considered a friend.

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