Justification Junction

March 1, 2009 at 9:11 pm | Posted in Ramblings | 2 Comments
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Throughout our relationship, Barton and I have had our share of justifying ourselves, our relationship and our choices. There have been many blunt comments in the name of  “being concerned for us.” We live in justification junction.

Trying to verbalize why I was in love and wanted to marry a man in a wheelchair to my grandmother who told me, “You’ll just be a caretaker to a retard for the rest of your life,” was nearly impossible.

We really gave everyone a heart attack when I decided to quit my full time job with benefits, move out of state and start a freelance writing business. How could we possibly move out of state on our own and be successful? And yet, three years after moving to North Carolina, we own a successful writing and communications business that continues to grow.

What many people don’t see on the outside is that instead of succumbing to the “we can’t” mentality, we identify what we need and begin building a solid foundation piece by piece. I hear so many people say, “We can’t, we shouldn’t, how are you going to…” Yes, we have many unique obstacles, but I’ve learned that we have to throw the rulebook out and creatively blaze our own trail.

It’s taken a long time for me to let go of what everyone else thinks and to just do what we need to do. Instead of succumbing to the belief that we cannot accomplish our vision and our mission in our relationship or in life, I’ve learned to acknowledge those concerns and keep on walking. Barton has shown me that he’s had to let go of what people think his entire life. So we nod, we smile, we may even agree and then we go home and do what we are called to do anyway.

So instead of being concerned for us, take a minute to take your shoes off and step out of your box. We don’t have one.

~Megan Cutter

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  1. Hi Megan and Barton,

    With this blog and sharing your insights and experiences you are paving the way for others to learn and share and thus to be empowered.
    I celebrate your commitment to each other and your sharing of your gifts with the world. Looking forward to more. With much love, Phil

  2. I love your blog…and especially the invitation to “take a minute to take your shoes off and step out of your box”. Your statement of “we don’t have one” is a small sentence with powerful impact. It knocked me with its implicit truth about you as individuals and as a couple. I am looking forward to following your blog and experiencing your personal insights on love and life…and of course I look forward to just enjoying your talents as gifted writers. Thanks for sharing.

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